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European Investment 

Knightsbridge Capital Partners specialise in offering European investments to clients worldwide. Our in-depth experience and international presence benefits wealthy individuals and their families around the world.   

Established in London, with our headquarters in Mayfair, we are perfectly positioned to serve the international community. Satellite operations around the world extend our reach from the Far East, through Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas ensuring our clients receive a personalised and efficient service.  

Bespoke Solutions 

We understand every client's needs are different and we offer a tailored service to reflect this. Whether your decision to explore alternative citizenship is for business, residency, tax planning, education or security Knightsbridge Capital have the right experts in place for your requirements. Speak with a member of our team today to arrange a specialist, personalised consultation.

Knightsbridge Capital Partners Bespoke Solutions

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"A friendly and professional service was provided by Knightsbridge Capital Partners, we look forward to working with them again" 

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Professional Services

Knightsbridge Capital offer services and advice to individuals and organisations who provide services to high net worths. Our partnerships extend toward investment banking, law, family offices and the luxury sector to name a few. Should your clients require our services we would be happy to assist. Please feel free to contact us regarding our professional services partnerships.

Knightsbridge Capital Partners Professional Services

Knightsbridge Capital Partners specialise in European investment for clients around the world. Our industry affiliations ensure the highest standard of service. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or arrange a consultation with one of our experts.