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About Our Organisation

Knightsbridge Capital was founded on the principles of creating a truly global community. Through our worldwide partner network, clients are able to enjoy the security and ample benefits which come with EU diversification. Wealth contingency planning is increasingly prevalent in today's geopolitical environment, contact us for further information on how our international strategic intelligence could be beneficial. 


Our bespoke service, in-depth knowledge, and worldwide partnerships make us the preferred choice for organisations and wealthy individuals. 


Management Team 

Since our inception, our management team has provided the leadership and vision required to grow our company into the internationally recognised business we have today. Thier experience, expertise, and knowledge are revered industry-wide. They continue to drive our growth, evolve our business and keep us at the front of an ever-changing industry.  


Investment Team 

From analysts to market experts, our investment team scales the globe to choose the most favorable, and beneficial investment opportunities for our clients. Not only should the investment provide residency and citizenship benefits, a robust growth and exit strategy is also a must.


Relationship Managers

The heart of our business is our client relationships. When embarking on a journey towards dual citizenship, a trusted advisor is a must. They provide advice, manage the process and go the extra mile, making sure your application is handled diligently, confidentially and with the utmost care. Our relationship managers are incredibly knowledgeable and have experience in even the most complex of cases.


Legal Team

While the process of obtaining a second citizenship is straightforward, it is a delicate symphony of multiple processes, each needing an expert eye and ruthlessly efficient execution. Our legal partnerships have been carefully selected for their industry-leading reputation and impressive success rate.


Client Services

Once your citizenship goal is achieved, our client services division is at your disposal. We provide a full turnkey solution and offer the following: Property investment advice, relocation assistance, banking services, trust planning and translation services, speak with one of our client services team for more information.



To explore career opportunities with Knightsbridge Capital, please email us your profile and someone will get back to you. 

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"KCP continue to be the most knowledgeable and capable firm in this sector." 


Wendy Lu,

International Consultant


Knightsbridge Trust is a property investment division of our group. They specialise in high growth, asset-backed opportunities and luxury capital locations. Feel free to contact them today to discuss  markets around the world.