Knightsbridge Capital Partners Dual Citizenship

The Journey to second Citizenship


The process of obtaining alternative citizenship through Knightsbridge Capital is hassle-free and straightforward. We have fine-tuned the various steps ensuring all partners work in harmony towards achieving our clients' goal. While carefully managing all aspects of the application and liaising with the relevant legal, government, investment and audit organisations, we keep you well informed allowing you peace of mind throughout. Below you will find the steps broken down. 


We understand every case and every client is unique. Our bespoke service tailors the process to perfectly match your expectations and requirements. 

  • Initial consultation. A consultant will be available to introduce our organisation and answer any initial questions you may have.

  • Meeting. After conveying your requirements to us, a meeting will be arranged with an expert who can further understand your needs and walk you through various options. 

  • Choose a program that works for you. Once you have all the information, we advise on the best option based on your requirements.

  • Discuss investment fundamentals. At Knightsbridge Capital, we diligently analyse the market for the best route to citizenship with the most secure investment backing your application. At this stage, we can devise a suitable exit strategy. 

  • Business trip. Through our travel division KCP Concierge, we will arrange for you to travel to your chosen citizenship destination to peruse the investment opportunity and speak with our legal team on the ground.

  • Agreement and confirmation. Once a suitable package has been constructed, all parties will agree and progression will begin.

  • Application process. Knightsbridge Capital will work tirelessly to ensure all partners work together with all aspects of the application completed diligently and efficiently. 

  • Delivery. Once we have completed the process, we will personally deliver the passports/residency to our client.

The Process


The journey to obtaining your second citizenship is an exciting and rewarding process for our clients and their families. A specialist member of our team will be happy to talk you through your application, feel free to contact us for further information. 

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